The Work Area and skills set

WORK AREA. I work for all – web, print and audio-visual media.
1.                      Art Direction
2.                      Visualisation and layout design
3.                      Graphic Design
4.                      Illustration
5.                      Cartoon
6.                      Caricature
7.                      Portrait painting
8.                      Digital Painting
9.                      Manual Painting (sketch, water color, febric, oil, pastel)
10.                  Book Cover Design
11.                  Child book illustration
12.                  Adult book illustration
13.                  Educational Book Illustration
14.                  Ebook design and Illustration
15.                  Comics (Illustration, Art direction, Visualisation, Coloring, Final ready to publish output)
16.                  Character design and drawing
17.                  Story Board Illustration
18.                  Animation (Direction, Story development, Cell animation, 2d animation)
19.                  E-greetings design (Still, Animated)
20.                  Instructional design and animation
21.                  Explainer animation and video making
22.                  Motion Graphics
23.                  UI Design ( User experience design)
24.                  Promotional video
25.                  Book Trailer
26.                  Slide show Presentation
27.                  Pdf Presentation
28.                  Software know – Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Corel Draw, In Design, Artrage, Premiere
29.                  Children game development for Magazine and print media.
30.                  Paper Collage works
31.                  Paper art and cruft
32.                  Packaging design
33.                  Poster design,
34.                  Logo Design
35.                  Brochure Design
36.                  Banner Design
37.                  Background design
38.                  Training video design
39.                  Promotional video, slide show, pdf
40.                  Educational video with animation
41.                  T-shirt design
42.                  Fashion Illustrations
43.                  Photograph retouching
44.                  Slide presentation, Power point presentation
45.                  Video and Sound editing
46.                  e-learning project (Art derection, Visualisation, illustration, graphic design, animation)

To see my sample works:
This is slideshow of my design and illustration works. See my near 100 illustrations and design works in this slideshow.

Software knowledge:
Photoshop, Flash, Adobe illustrator, ArtRage, Corel Draw, Adobe InDesign, Premiere. I use pen tablet for digital drawing and illustration.

Educational qualification: B com
Art education: Diploma in Applied Art from Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata
Nationality: Indian
Language to communicate: English, Hindi, Bengali
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