Misti Kutum is a beautiful illustrated story book for children. This is a story of two cute, brave hero - Misti and Kutum. Misti is a small Frog and Kutum is a small Squirrel. Please see my blog - and facebook - @mistikutum.books

MISTI KUTUM is a beautifully illustrated storybook for children. MISTI KUTUM is an outstanding adventurous story for children. Every page of the book is beautifully illustrated. The little hero, the jungle, a blue huge snake, offbeat action, love for other, taking life risk - everything is in the adventure. It is sure that, children will love them all. The book is available in both - printed format and ebook format.
The Bengali printed version of Misti Kutum is available in
  1. Katha Shilpa, 19 Shamya Charen De Street, Kolkata – 73 (Holeseller and Retailler)
  2. Chuckraverty & Chatterjee (Near Coffy House, College street, Kolkata, Kol- 73) Holeseller and Retailer
  3. K. P Book Centre, Nabapally Circular Road, Near Nabapally Electricity Office, Barasat (Holeseller and Retailer)
  4. Script - Helabot-tala, Barasat, North 24 Parganas.
  5. Porichoy Book Store, Barakpore Road, Shalbagan, Barasat
  6. Sadhana Book store, 3no Platform, Barasat.
  7. Anandamela, Sorojinipally, Barasat
  8. Gitanjali Book Store - Barakpur road, Shalbagan, Barasat
  9. New Paul Brothers, Station Road, Barasat
  10. Nalanda Pustakaloya, Station Road, Barasat
  11. Bani Tirtha, Near Barasat Govt School.
  12. And your nearest book shop. If they don’t have the book, request them, they will bring the book for you.

English version of this book is - THE JUNGLE STORY is available in amazon and Google book play in ebook format. Anybody can download the eBook from there.

One of my book - ANKER MAGIC has been published long ago from Patralekha Publisher form Kolkata. It is a story book on Mathematics with some interesting facts and problems. Children liked this book very much. This book has still good demand in market.

I have written a lot of fantasy and adventure stories for children. Some of them has been published in some magazines. Some of my collection of stories has been has been published in book formate. One of the children book is DYITYO DANO PANNA.

New writer's publishing opportunity -

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